5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Berti Mulcher

5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Berti Mulcher

Once you have invested in a Berti MUlcher, the next thing that you need to do is to keep it operating in the best condition. That is about maintaining its peak performance and productivity of the machine. One of the key things that you need to consider is the maintenance of your machine. Preventative maintenance is what we recommend for Berti mulcher users. But how do you achieve it? Here are 6 preventative maintenance tips:

Check Cutter Tools Regularly

One of the best ways that you can maintain peak performance and productivity is keeping your cutter tools in the best conditions. Keep them sharp always. Checking their condition after work to fix any problem such as cracks on the teeth, dull or blunt conditions. That will help you deal with excessive wear down hence reducing the cost of maintenance of your Berti mulcher.

Check Engine Coolant

One of the areas that you also need to check is the engine coolant. For the machine to provide maximum power, you need to keep the engine in the best conditions. The engine works in relatively cool conditions. If the heat is too much, the efficiency of the machine is reduced hence low performance and productivity. Therefore, check the condition of the engine coolant levels and quality.

Always Clean the Radiator

Apart from the engine coolant, you also need to consider the condition of the radiator. This is the part of that cool water that is coming from the engine. It contains a fan that draws cool air toward the radiator to cool the water before to back to the engine for cooling. That is the reason why the radiator must be kept clean and from dust and debris build-up.

Always Check the Oil

The quality of the running in the machine must always be check for quality. Sample it regularly to ensure its good condition and replace it when necessary. One thing that you need to know is that poor quality is a recipe for a high rate of wear, especially for the engine parts. That is why it important to keep checking the oil regularly.

Pay Attention to Indication

The modern Berti mulchers are designed with indicators that warn you things are not okay. It could be temperature rising above what normal, oil levels are dripping, amongst other things. It is important to pay attention to these warning indicators have the machine fixed immediately.


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