Common Industrial Uses Of Cold Forged Aluminum

Common Industrial Uses Of Cold Forged Aluminum

The uses of cold forged aluminum are many. In fact, it is like almost everywhere you go, you will find forged aluminum parts. This is partly because of the lightweight properties of aluminum, among many others.

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Cold forged aluminum has so many uses, but we are going to look at some of the industrial uses of cold forged aluminum. Check out the following:


The use of electronics has increased tremendously over the last few years. If you have a laptop or phone, then you have electronics that use cold forged aluminum. Because of the good heat transfer properties, alumnimum is widely being used as heat-sinks for most electronics. The lightweight features also make it ideal electronics that require portability.

Automobiles Parts

The automobile industry has been rapidly growing with the last few decades, seeing the invention of more automobiles, and the numbers have also increased. The number of cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles has also increased greatly over the last few years. The most important thing to mention is that most of the automobile parts are made from cold forged aluminum.


The more the population in the cities is growing, the more the transport industry is growing to accommodate the huge numbers. The use of railroads has been hailed as the best invention to reduce traffic on the roads and increase mass transport. Most of these railroads are made from cold forged aluminum, including the carriages.

Aeronautic Industry

In the aeronautic industry, aluminum is widely used because of its lightweight properties. To improve the efficiency of the aircrafts, lighter materials are used and aluminum is one of the materials recommended. Most of the aircraft parts, including the body and the engine, are from cold forged aluminum.

Ships and Boats

If you have been boating for some time and have been on a ship, then you will be surprised to learn that most of the parts of these machines are cold forged aluminum. There are many properties of aluminum metals that make them ideal for the construction of boats and ships. From the engine to the body, you will find a lot of cold forged aluminum.