Technical Features To Look For In A Soil Stabilizer For Sale

Technical Features To Look For In A Soil Stabilizer For Sale

Soil stabilizers are some of the essential machines in all kinds of road constructions. They are the machines that mix materials for proper construction. With such a significant role in the construction work, you cannot afford to have the wrong machine for the work. Otherwise, the required quality of the road will never be realized.

To ensure that you are buying the right soil stabilizer for sale, there are several technical features that you need to look for. In this article, we have put together some of the crucial technical features buyers should always look out for:

Machine Power

You need to check the power of the soil stabilizer for sale before buying. What’s the horsepower that you need for your machine? That’s a very important question to ask yourself. The best way to go about it is by knowing the kind of roads or surfaces you will be working on. Every road construction work has the recommend soil stabilizer size depending on the material quantity to be mixed. The good news is that you have all kinds of horsepower that you need in the market.

Milling Width and Depth

These are very crucial technical features of a soil stabilizer for sale. You need to know the width which the machine can cover in mixing the materials. If you are doing highways, you probably need a soil stabilizer that can cover as much width as possible without compromising quality. For the milling depth, it should be determined by the grade of the road that you are constructing. Of the material layer is big, then you soil stabilizer that can mix that deep.

Blades Quality

It is also important to buy the best quality blades. The material used for the construction of the blades greatly determines the quality. So, you need to know what material has been used. Make sure that the grade of the steel and carbide used suits your construction needs. For the best quality soil stabilizer blades, we highly recommend buying alloys steel body and tungsten carbide tips. You might also need to know the kind of joint used.

Number of blades

The number of soil stabilizer for sale blades is also an essential factor to consider while these machines. The number of blades determines the quality of mixing materials. If these are too few blades than recommended, then you will not have an effective material mixing. That’s why it is important to check the number of blades per drum.

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