When’s The Right Time To Make Wood Chipper Blades Replacement

When’s The Right Time To Make Wood Chipper Blades Replacement

One of the common problems that wood chipper uses have knowing when they should replace their blades. Some do it when it is too late or too early when the old blades still have some left in them. So, when is the perfect time for wood chipper blades replacement? Well, that’ what we are going to look out for in this article.

If you are using your first wood chipper, then this article is for you. We will help you make the right decision and at the right time. There are signs that you need a wood chipper blades replacement:

Drastic Reduction In Productivity

One of the signs that you probably need to a wood chipper blades replacement is a drastic reduction in machine productivity. If you could do a ton of chips in a day and now you can’t make it under similar conditions, then your blades could be the problem. Maybe they become blunt, or the tungsten carbide tip could have been broken or worn out already. That’s why you need to consider replacing the blades to regain high productivity.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Another sign that you need wood chipper blades replacement is the excessive fuel consumption of the machine. In cases you found out that your machine is consuming too much fuel, yet it’s the same task under the same condition, then the blades could be the problems. When the blades get faulty beyond repair, they don’t cut again efficiently. This means that the overall efficiency of the machine is significantly reduced hence the excessive fuel consumption.

Accelerated Belt And Bearing Wear

Some of the parts that are directly affected by the worn-out wood chipper blades include the belt, bearing, and clutch. If you notice that any of these parts or all of them has been wearing down pretty fast than normal, then you need to consider wood chipper blades replacement. Due to poor cutting efficiency, the pressure is asserted on the three parts hence the high rate of wear and tear.

Unnecessary Vibrations

Has your wood chipper been experience unnecessary and unexplained vibrations? Well, you need to consider checking the condition of the blades. Whether the blades are worn down beyond repair, they are likely to cause harsh vibrations. In some cases, these vibrations might cause the failure of other parts such as relays, covers, solenoids, and switches. That’s why wood chipper blades replacement would be the best solution.

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