4 Tips to Improve Seppi Mulcher Teeth for Longevity

4 Tips to Improve Seppi Mulcher Teeth for Longevity

If you are mulching with a Seppi mulcher, then you have definitely invested in one of the best brands in the market. But that is don’t mean that it is immune to wear and tear as the rest of the machine. One of the parts that you need to consider is the cutter tools. As usual, Seppi mulcher teeth are the most affected parts by the wear and tear.

But there are ways that you can ensure that their longevity is improved. There are many things you can improve the longevity of your tools. That is what we are going to look out for in this article. Check out the following:

Have a Maintenance Schedule

One of the key things that you should have is a maintenance schedule. For proper maintenance of the Seppi mulcher, two things must be taken into account. First is having regular maintenance of the machine where you check for faults after every mulching task. That will enable you to identify any problem with the teeth and fixed immediately. The second way is to have overhaul maintenance of the machine as a certain period as recommended by the manufacturer. This is comprehensive maintenance where every part of the mulching machine is checked. That is one way that you can improve the lifespan of Seppi mulcher parts, including the teeth.

Always Check for Signs of Wear

Another effective way of extending your Seppi mulcher teeth lifespan is dealing wear at the very first stages. That is why you need to check the signs of wear on the teeth while doing regular maintenance.  You easily tell when your Seppi mulcher teeth are wearing down. If your machine is producing excess vibration or increased fuel consumption, then you need to check the condition of the teeth. You might also start seeing lines on the teeth, which is an indication of cracks. Have them fixed.

Keep Your Seppi mulcher Clean

One of the best ways to keep your machine and its wear parts in good condition for long is cleaning. Make sure your Seppi mulcher teeth are cleaning after mulching to remove corrosive elements on them that would increase the rate of wear. Use power cleaning to remove dust and debris that could cause rusting of the metallic parts.

Qualified Operator

One last thing is the quality of the operator operating the machine. Do not hire someone just because they can operate the machine. Experience of the operator is what matters. Therefore, get someone who has vast experience in operating a mulching machine.

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